Athena Residence

iscover a unique blend of privacy, tradition, and contemporary comforts at Acrotel Athena Residence, nestled within the mesmerizing landscape of Sithonia.

Premier accommodation options in Halkidiki

Experience the epitome of indulgence and luxury in Halkidiki with our exquisite collection of luxurious maisonettes.

Luxurious two-storey Maisonettes, 55 sq.m., tastefully furnished and lined with stone & wood.
At Acrotel Athena Residence, for even more privacy, you will find 2 Maisonettes with a private pool.

Spa & Wellness

Treat yourself even on vacation. In the specially designed space you can enjoy face, body and limb care treatments.

Mediterranean Restaurants & Bars

The excellent quality and taste of the food served at the hotel is an integral part of a high standard stay.


The Acrotel Residence hotel has all the necessary elements and infrastructure to provide attentive services that can meet the wishes and expectations of every guest.

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