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Greek Gastronomy

The History of Greek Gastronomy

From 1100 BC to today, 3000 years of Greek Gastronomy are being offered by Acrotel and can guarantee its guests an unforgettable culinary experience!


athena pallas

Dionysus, as known, is the god of the grape harvest, winemak- ing and wine, of ritual madness, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy in ancient Greek religion and myth. Wine played an important role in Greek culture, and the cult of Dionysus was the main religious focus for its unrestrained consumption. Dionisos Ancient Cuisine is one of the restaurants, where you can feel, taste and experience how it was to be an ancient Greek according to the myth. The restaurant is stated inside the premises of ATHENA PALLAS and offers you the opportunity to be in Ancient Greece. Dress like a Greek; eat like a Greek, drink like a Greek. The restaurant has a dressing code, where at the entrance you are offered a chlamysa (ancient mantle) to wear. The menu focuses on ancient Greek dishes with recipes of the period 1180 BC – 330 AD. Once in a life time experience for those who dare..

Hierion Restaurant

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In the premises of Athena Pallas a holy space exists to bring all the atmosphere of a unique place where you can dine with saints. This area was designed in such a way so to give the feeling of something spectacular and rear, approaching the same experience as a dinning in a monastery. Frescoes of Saints on the walls, stone walls, fountain, wooden large monastery type tables with wooden comfortable chairs, large windows facing a small Christian church and a leather menu designed as bibles complete the scenery. Keeping the ingredients and dishes of Byzantium, combining them with monas- tery tradition, the client has the ability to have a culinary experience that travels him to the aristocracy of that Era. Inspired by the unraveling mysteries of Byzantine cuisine, the menu features flavored luxury food inspired by the multicultural character of Constantinople (Istanbul) and the monastery life, bringing this vanished cuisine to life in vivid and astonishing flavors blending into sensual detail. Committed to the Byzantine culture that never ceased to develop and to innovate, Hierion’s aim is to preserve a little taste of what Byzantine food must have been like, based on the merging of different local ingredients and aromas that lead a burst of colors and flavors. All dishes are accompanied by recom- mended local wines, a detail that makes this experience worth while.

Welcome to Cook & Eat 1939

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We are preparing your meal live with Greek traditional recipes, the idea is to bring you on a culinary journey (mainly of the 19th century). Live the experience of a cooking lesson, discover step by step from our enthusiastic chef how to prepare a” homemade” authentic meal in the beautiful corner of Cook & Eat. 

The activity is suitable for both adults and children.

*Pre-booking is required.
Cook & Eat 1939


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Sourcing the finest ingredients, the use of modern techniques in traditional recipes, cooking excellence and modern presen- tation are what make LEMONI restaurant stand out. Elegance, refinement and authenticity. These are the words that describe the atmosphere and philoso- phy of LEMONI. Right next to the blue waters of the main swim- ming pool of Athena Pallas, with the traditional small stoned bridge and on the other hand, the central rustic square with the plane and olive trees the modern decoration combines it all. The food is prepared with the freshest of local products, and thus the menu offers delicious Greek dishes. The creative imagination of the chef treads all dishes skillfully between creativity and tradition, modernity and classicism. Delights the eye with artful presentation and the mouth with exquisite flavors touched by a hint of exoticism. All personnel have worked hard to develop a menu featuring a unique mix of classic dishes and seasonal specialties that are guaranteed to please even the most discerning palate. Such food, served impeccably, deserves an appropriate atmosphere, elegant and stylish, which LEMONI is proud to offer.