Local Products

Let the taste confirm it for you!

Our main concern is to provide you with Greek, healthy and nutritious options in all the focal points of our group. The quality and authenticity of the products we use are non-negotiable features. Let the taste confirm it to you!

Greek Breakfast

Greek Breakfast offers a wide variety of certified products of exceptional quality, known around the world for their beneficial properties and nutritional value. Genuine nutritious yogurt, rusks and freshly baked bread, excellent quality honey, olives, fresh fruit and organic eggs become the basis on which each region of Greece builds its own product identity inviting us to a real tasty celebration. As we have certified Greek breakfast you are sure to find your favourite products in the breakfast buffets of all our hotels.
Discover local specialties, try homemade recipes and choose the Greek superfoods that are part of the everyday life of the people in the Greek countryside. Bougatsa, Koulouri Thessalonikis, Macedonian pies, olives and honey, are some of the products that will help you start your day.

Local Products

Northern Greece, like all of Greece, has a rich gastronomic heritage that comes from its land and agricultural wealth. Greek agricultural products of excellent quality and exceptional taste are the basis of Greek cuisine, a pillar of the Mediterranean diet.
We also use these products, with special emphasis on the products of Halkidiki and Kozani. Olives, honey, olive oil, wine and tsipouro from Halkidiki, dairy products, herbs,
jams and sweets from Halkidiki and Kozani are all famous and sought after at your table!