Athena Residence in Halkidiki

Sithonia… the most beautiful of Halkidiki! Located in Northern Greece, with about 100 beaches, most of them having perfect white sand and some of the clearest waters in the world, Sithonia is a destination that will inure you!

Endless enchanting landscapes, picturesque harbors, marvelous golden beaches, lonely coves beside olive groves, lush meadows and forests, peaceful fishing villages, and stunning architecture in homes and churches. Only in Sithonia you can enjoy wonderful sandy beaches with the perfect combination of green and blue as with a simple blow of air the pine trees meet the waves.

Athena Residence is located in Elia beach, in Sithonia Halkidiki, in a peaceful and beautiful setting, next to pine forests and the clear blue sea, in perfect harmony with nature, ready to offer you the warmth of Greek hospitality.

The hotel’s small distance from the villages of Nikiti (9 km) and Neos Marmaras (11 km) offers every guest many choices for recreation; you can arrive easily with the hotel’s bus.