Gastronomic holidays

«A unique journey in flavours, people and landscapes»

The peculiarities of the taste of the cuisine of an area are usually connected with the quality characteristics of its society, while they also reveal elements of the culture and the economy of a place. The food culture of the Greeks has traditionally added an extroverted social dimension to the table, combining taste satisfaction with entertainment and communication, maintaining to this day the echo of ancient banquets. Both Halkidiki and Thessaloniki are gastronomic travel destinations that guarantee you a unique journey in flavours, people and landscapes. You can dine by the sea, “taste” the history of Greek gastronomy or enjoy a traditional meal in a picturesque village.

We recommend:

Accommodation: Athena Residence, Athena Pallas, Elea Beach, Sofia’s Guesthouse

Restaurants: LEMONI (A La carte / Contemporary Greek cuisine), DIONISOS (ancient Greek cuisine), HIERION (Greek cuisine of the Byzantine era), Cook & Eat

Enjoy: Wine Tasting, Cooking Lessons at Sofia’s Guest House

Visit: Thessaloniki, Meteora, «Parthenonas»- Traditional Settlement, Local Folk Market & Thessaloniki Central Market (Kapani)

Activities: Follow the Greeks, Food on Foot Tour (Thessaloniki), Sithonia Cruise

Beaches: Akti Elias, Porto Koufo, Perea beach (Thessaloniki)