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Unique Experience in the natural Environment of Western Macedonia

The imposing landscape, the natural beauties, the remarkable historical monuments and the traditional settlements of Western Macedonia offer unique experiences. The area has a rich cultural and religious heritage, special gastronomic character and a number of alternative activities.



The city of Kozani is adorned with squares, parks and historical monuments. It is worth visiting the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Folkroe Museum.

The Koventareios Library of Kozani, the second largest library in Greece, houses over 153,000 volumes and more than 380 manuscripts. It is worth visiting the open-air museum of the Macedonian Struggle in Burino.


Lake Polyphytoy

Lake Polyphytou is an artificial lake of the river Aliakmonas, in the prefecture of Kozani. It was formed in 1973, after the construction of the homonymous dam (Polyphytos) on the river and covers an area of ​​74 square kilometers.

It is crossed by the High Bridge of Serbs and the smaller Bridge of Rymni. From the village of Neraida you can enjoy the wonderful view of the lake.


Castle of Servia

The Byzantine city of Serbia has the Byzantine castle of strategic importance which is dated back to 560 and 650 AD. The castle is located at the western part of Pieria.

It was built in the most important, fortified position, as it controlled the passage from Macedonia to Thessaly and Southern Greece. Most of the fortifications that survive today date back to the mid-Byzantine era (11th-12th century).